屡获殊荣的1/18 英菲尼迪 QX70模型车!

Cadillac XTS 2018

As a standard American luxury sedan, Cadillac XTS gives the impression that the material is also luxurious enough, and the configuration is also high enough, coupled with the current sales terminal of the substantial concessions, so that this luxury car’s price is very Prominent, absolutely counted as a vulgar and very valuable choice. Today, XTS has ushered in a facelift, the main change is the shape and increase, of course, the most significant change is that it looks more handsome … …

the new XTS most significant change is from the shape, in the vehicle design language into the new ESCALA concept car design inspiration, front, rear and lights change is particularly evident, the overall effect is more handsome.

look at the front, put on a new headlamps, the network area increases, while the bottom of the air intake as a whole through, this design and CT6 have many similarities, but also the latest style of the family, widening the visual Effect, gas field more foot, and more handsome.

the new shield in the network area is more spacious, the internal grid layout has also changed, so that the front looks more wide flat, gas field more foot.

the “Y” font headlamps and CT6 is very similar, higher recognition, while the light source is also upgraded to LED.

the car side no change, but the body length of short 28MM, shorter after the XTS is still longer than the A6L.

the car is equipped with specifications for the 235/50 R18 Goodyear Assurance tires, higher with models will also be equipped with 19-inch wheels.

the new XTS is also on the fender to increase this very metal texture of the logo.

the tail is basically completely changed the kind, less bloated feeling, more spiritual and more powerful way.

taillight replaced by “L” shape, the same increase in the night of identification.

before the photo frame in the middle of the tail position, now moved to the bumper, pulled down the rear of the visual center of gravity, and the new XTS also added a spoiler at the rear, adding the vehicle’s movement information.

the trunk from the outside to open the way has also changed, cancel the previous button, press the color mark can be.

the interior to maintain the cash design, control the size of the big screen has increased, or a typical American luxury car style, luxury sense is very prominent, materials at the same level also belong to the type of cost.

Cadillac various levels of materials are very kind, a lot of use of leather to create a sense of luxury parcels.

a new generation of CUE system hardware has been upgraded, large-screen size from 8 inches to 10 inches, features include navigation, reversing images, CarPlay, remote start and so on.

another change is to increase the optional high-definition streaming media rearview mirror, before the CT6 and XT5 has been experienced through the rear camera, including the rear view of the rear 80 ° no cover wide-angle lens, Driving and parking convenience and safety.

in the same luxury car, XST configuration has been very prominent, like the panoramic sunroof, Brembo brakes and with ANC active noise reduction BOSE sound is standard, in addition to this real car is also equipped with a front row Seat heating / ventilation, Anji star, LCD instrumentation, steering wheel heating, collision warning and lane maintenance.

power or this 2.0T engine, the output data is very beautiful
Maximum power: 198KW / 5500rpm
Peak Torque: 400N.m / 2400-4400rpm

and the engine match or this 6-speed tiptronic gearbox.

the suspension structure or the former McPherson, after the combination of high-link, high with models also with MRC electromagnetic suspension system to enhance driving stability.

Infiniti Q70L 2017

2017 Infiniti Q70L was officially launched in January 2017, including the upgraded version of the elite, Wyatt enjoy version, Deluxe Edition a total of 6 models. 2017 Infiniti Q70L through low-middle and low with car-assisted technology upgrades, two further measures to optimize fuel economy initiatives to enhance product competitiveness, while providing consumers with full sincerity.
The new Q70L inherits the brand “Conflict Aesthetics” design essence, with natural elements as a source of inspiration, the whole series comes standard with LED headlamps from the human eye shape, with the shape of “Jian Mei” daytime running lights, exudes dynamic sharp sharp Charm; dual wavy engine cover against the backdrop of the entire front face is very “power” of beauty, and tail more flat trunk along the shape, widened chrome trim and split rear bumper with the front of the car The beauty of the face’s “power” complements each other.

Its streamlined body curves from the waves. Front face with a double arched air grille and water ripple in the network, the natural smart “romantic” characteristics show most vividly. This streamlined design also created a new Q70L drag coefficient of 0.26 minimum, with excellent aerodynamic performance. Meanwhile, the new Q70L door panels, engine cover and trunk cover are made of aluminum material, effectively reducing the weight of the body, the driving performance and fuel economy are greatly helpful. In addition, 8 kinds of body color also brings consumers more personality choices.

With the wheelbase of 3,050mm, the new Q70L creates the same level of rear-of-the-back space and ride comfort and creates a more comfortable and quiet ride through complete sound insulation. The interior will be the selection of materials and the perfect combination of technology to,, seat with semi-aniline leather wrapped, many contact with the human body with a very delicate texture SOFILEZ material, bringing unparalleled ride experience.

The new Q70L unique forest air conditioning systems, can significantly reduce the PM2.5 value of the car, and release the fragrance of trees and greenery, like a walk through the forest to bring fresh air and pleasant experience. In addition, the same level after only full suction power line standard door, trunk lid, rear entertainment system with the vehicle alone operation, and synchronous design custom stage 16 Bose® speaker audio system, are demonstrated on the details of the Drive intimate thoughtful care.
Safety, the new Q70L equipped with the world’s first BVR front-end collision warning system (PFCW), reversing collision prevention system (BCI), full-speed segment Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), vehicle distance control assist system (DCA), lane departure warning System (LDW) and Lane Departure Correction System (LDP) leading safety technology at the same level, providing drivers with comprehensive car protection.It is worth mentioning that the new Q70L to enjoy Wyatt version 2.5, 2.5 Deluxe Edition and Deluxe Edition Hybrid adds three models class-leading technology – panoramic surveillance video monitoring system with moving objects (MOD) function (AVM), Not only to upgrade their own driving assistance system, but also for more independent thinking of the elite brought a more humane technology experience.

The new Q70L VQ25 engine models on the fuel economy has been upgraded again. The VQ25HR V6 naturally aspirated engine, which has repeatedly won the title of “Ward’s Top Ten Engines,” is not only powerful and responsive, but also feather-like smooth output. Infiniti engineer calibration, 2.5 Elite, 2.5 Wyatt Edition, 2.5 Deluxe Edition and 2.5 Luxury Edition 4 models of fuel consumption from the original 9.3L / 100km down to 8.9L / 100km; and 3.5-liter V6 high-performance hybrid The system, consisting of the VQ35HR V6 naturally aspirated engine and industry-leading single-motor dual clutch performance-oriented, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 5.1 seconds and consumes as little as 7.3 liters per 100 km. In addition, thanks to its class-leading lithium battery hybrid technology, the new Q70L achieves pure electric driving at speeds up to 100 km / h, further enhancing the performance of the hybrid system.

As the only imported wheelbase of its class at the same level, the new Q70L not only possesses the highest quality but also advocates the return of spiritual power with the theme of “firmly believing in the beginning of the world”, helping the creators with independent thinking to move forward bravely. The creator of an independent mind is a person who has independent opinion, persists in his first dream, and works tirelessly for it. Their achievements in the fields of business,
science and technology and culture are the driving forces for innovation in this era. They are not bound by the notion of innateness and use innovative thinking to interpret and deal with all things and challenges. Their perseverance and passionate personality, although living in the noisy world, still adhere to the hearts of the ideals and feelings.

MG ZS Tommy Hilfiger

Recently, MG ZS and a limited edition models officially debut. The new car is the Jazz ZS and clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger) jointly launched the limited edition models – MG ZS Tommy Hilfiger customized version. It is reported that the car is based on the cash “MG ZS automatically enjoy the Internet version” models to build, the final price or will be released in November.

The appearance of the new car or the use of special body coating, cabin cover, the rear end of the Tommy Hilfiger brand with blue and white red three-color flower, the front fender, side skirt with brand and LOGO. The new car based on SAIC SSA platform development, size positioning in the small SUV, the wheelbase of 2585mm.

The new car in the control board and other details will also join the denim fabric, co-pilot in front of the console marked “My Tommy & my MG” words; which, the new car seat with leather + denim fabric stitching, and use blue White and trumpet; and in the cushion, headrest, armrest on the control letter H. In addition, the new car is also equipped with panoramic sunroof, 8-inch control panel, intelligent interconnection system and voice control and other configurations.

The new car equipped with 1.5L engine, the maximum output power of 120 horsepower, matching 4-speed automatic transmission.

Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger) is the United States one of the leading brands of leisure, its clothing with “American classic” + “cool” design style. It seems that the MG and Tommy tone may be very consistent … … they have a unique “style” design, are the pursuit of the classic, alternative, and the quality of life.

Mini Edition Blackfriars

Recently, MINI official announced that by the end of December launched a special edition called Mini Edition Blackfriars models. The new car is named after the famous Blackfriars station in the UK and will be sold exclusively for the French market.

Mini Edition Blackfriars and basic models in the appearance of the basic consistent. With a cool black body color, and in the fender, B column and C column, etc. added a special nameplate and painting. In addition the new car is also equipped with LED headlamps, 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels and panoramic sunroof and other configurations.

Interior, the new car with a unique Diamond Carbon Black black leather, and equipped with car Bluetooth, car navigation and 6.5-inch multimedia display.

It is understood that, Mini Edition Blackfriars will be dedicated to the French market, will launch, including MINI One, MINI Cooper, three-door version, five-door version and equipped with steam, diesel engine, including different combinations, including eight versions

2017 Honda CR-V Review

The completely redesigned 2017 Honda CR-V. Appearance, the new domestic CR-V design and overseas models to maintain a high degree of consistent. The overall feel very young, dynamic, compared to the older models to discuss the young consumers like. Using a family design style of the forward air grille has a high degree of identification. LED headlamps can also provide better functionality and visual effects.

From the side, the outline of the car looks very smooth. The rear is still full of lines outlined. Looking at a more powerful sense

The CR-V is all-new for 2017. It features more aggressive styling, an optional turbocharged engine and a much-improved interior design.

With capable if not thrilling acceleration, composed handling, and confident highway manners, the turbocharged 2017 CR-V is a multidisciplined competitor. If you’re looking for a small SUV that doesn’t makes compromises for its size, this Honda fits the bill. The CR-V has long been a champ in the sales and sensibility columns, but now it’s poised to be a winner on the merits, too.


1:18 Scale Honda CR-V 2017 Diecast model Car

Renault Captur

October 12 Renault new card car models officially listed in the Wuhan auto show. The new car compared to the cash models, the new card bin mainly for the appearance and interior details of the adjustment, while the configuration has been upgraded, power continues to carry 1.2T +6 speed DCT powertrain.
Carpenter from the introduction of the original full import so far, are produced by the Renault Spain Valladolid factory, but in China’s sales channel by Dongfeng Renault responsible.
Carbian sales in the European market is very good, is the same level sales champion and the European market SUV sales runner-up.

New card information
1. appearance: still focus on personality
The overall profile of the new card is still the shape of the European small SUV, the biggest change in the front of the face.

Mouth more bright, eyes brighter: the new models change the design of the front bumper, the bottom of the left and right of the two through, and with “C” shaped LED daytime running lights. At the same time, the front grille area is also larger than the cash models, the front headlamps group also upgraded to LED light source (cash for the halogen).

Skilled, shoes handsome: the new models of “body type” consistent with the cash, is still a typical European small SUV posture, and highly personalized two-color body have to retain. At the same time, the new car “shoes” also upgraded to 17-inch “Y” shaped two-color aluminum alloy wheels and 205/55 R17 specifications horse brand tires.

The tail changes little: the new models of the tail compared to the more subtle, mostly details of the Department has been adjusted; such as smoked black taillights, shark fin antenna, the body with the color trim, the bottom of the board and so on.

2. Interior: small mind has reservations, adjust the more subtle
Cash card Bin’s internal space is not large, but the small convenience design is a lot of convenience, the new models are fully retained advantages.

Interior changes: the new models are equipped with a new shape of the steering wheel and the new layout of the multimedia control area

The advantages of the reservation: the compartment layout is clear, the plastic parts are not cheap, the keys are easy to operate, etc .; the details of the steering wheel four adjustable, the outlet can be closed, the seat adjustment range.

3. Power: standard 1.2T engine
The original power and chassis tuning is one of the major factors in the development of the concept of Rena.
Power parameters: maximum power 85kW, the maximum torque of 190N · m, matching 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.
Power experience: because it is a small displacement turbine + dual clutch combination, so fast when the shift is very agile; but the urban creeping or action too much, too late.
Chassis filter: Carbian chassis has a strong taste of Europe, everywhere in the support, but the slowdown will not jump to play, suitable for more curved mountain.

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In order to prevent unnecessary losses, draw customers attention to the following:
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Paudi Model


How to choose a diecast car?

how to choose a diecast car?
With the developing of the car industry and people income, car becomes more and more popular in the normal family. The culture of car is also taken as a hobby by car lovers. A model vehicle is a miniature representation of an automobile. Diecast car manufacturer is completely according the actual car to produce. Such as shape, structure, color, even the interior parts are strictly manufacturing as its scale. Manufacturing technique is an important condition to distinguish carefully between toys and collections. Diecast model car is equally becoming the collection by car lovers.

  Diecast model car is combining with the most advance design and manufacturing technique. Simulation car is strictly in proportion to the various types of cars scale down into a model.

So, how can I find the most satisfactory model for myself? If you just started collecting diecast model, you should make sure your position, which will make you find more interest by collecting diecast car.

Firstly, let’s talk about the scale of diecast car. Diecast cars range from as large as 1:12 and 1:18 scale to as small as 1:87,etc. For authentic details, such as engine electrical wiring and rubber hoses or working hoods, doors, and trunks, hobbyists should select models built on the 1/18 scale. These cars need the most realistic interior detailing. When you decide to start collecting miniature car. You’d better to choose only one scale. This will make your collection look tidiness. After you reach a large number of collections, looking at your motorcade. There is a successful feeling come into your mind. Some players are good at making a scene by themselves to make their diecast cars look real. Furthermore, some players will modify their car, such as re-painting, and even pieces for the assembly, open hood, etc. So that seeking manufacturing fun and successful satisfaction.

Then, from the process, the shape of a large proportion of alloy material die-casting, surface grinding, spray paint, fine glossy. The degree of simulation, such as the texture, structure, and the painting process, makes the car experts admire. Some of the more complex models, spare parts up to 300 pieces, production process over 500. With the development of technology, the model of resin as the material is now appeared. From alloy materials to resin materials, they are also taken their pros and cons.

Last but not least, most of the diecast car was modeled on classic vehicle which was legendary in history. And representative of the latest technology at that time. Such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, red flag, almost every model has a legendary story, different period models reflect the history and culture. Collecting car models focus on quality rather than quantity. The collection model is not a fad, but a long process. In the collection of car models found that the background and culture behind the car are fun to collect models.

Skoda OCTAVIA COMBI station wagon

I am a travel enthusiast, like all the station wagon, no matter what brand, which level, as long as the “big ass”, I am very obsessed. when walking in the street, when I see the station wagon will not help but look for a while. I am also the owner of golf travel.

Not just me, in fact, many people are also like station wagons, but unfortunately too little choice, and the high price, very few people can afford. Fortunately, this problem is much better than before, because some manufacturers have begun to pay attention to this market, and come up with practical action to meet the taste of these small groups of people. Yes, I am going to say is SAIC Volkswagen Skoda OCTAVIA wagon.

Honestly, OCTAVIA wagon I have been looking forward for a long time, benefit from the localization of production, the price will certainly be lower, and taking into account the current import version of the price has been very competitive, which had curiosity in the end of the car can give What kind of surprises to travel enthusiasts?

However, before the official listing, I think a lot of people will certainly want to know the domestic OCTAVIA wagon strength, including myself, very want to know this new car configuration and hardware specifications. Frankly, so I went straight to the Skoda booth at the exhibition hall.

Well, gossip is over, know that you can’t wait, then, we go directly to enjoy the photoes.

  Same with the golf family has many car style, Skoda’s Octavia family also has many members, we are the most familiar is the sedan version, and on this basis there are ordinary travel version Combi, and cross-border travel version Scout, both in appearance can be distinguished by cross-border kits. Combi car have been imported and listed in the country, and this is not the domestic version of this, but Scout. A friend will be curious, why do this car and the import Octavia travel is not the same, the reason in here.

  Because some time ago Octavia just finished a big change on the appearance, this domestic car also used the latest design. Compared to the old Scout, the new headlights with a split design, low beam and high beam is not in a light group. This is the recent design features of Skoda, if you used to the old car, maybe feel the light strange.

  The other details of the front change is not big, the front bumper or sturdy silver guards, left and right fog lights are large area of black anti-rub plastic package, including the whole car four round eyebrows, the change of the cross-border is very strong.

  Is the middle of the network position a bit strange? yes, ACC radar in this position, which is different from the overseas version. In addition, from the network to extend the two characteristics of the line is very dynamic, which has become the characteristics of Skoda.

  This car is 4687 mm long, 1814 mm wide, 1509 mm high, the wheelbase is 2686 mm. Compared to the old section increased by 28 mm, wheelbase has not changed. From this point of view, sideways quite slender, travel elegant temperament exposed. Why do you like station wagons? in fact, it have manipulation good, practical, there is also a reason: the station wagon is really easy to design beautiful, at least I think so.

  Here to look at the domestic Scout off the ground clearance, indeed higher than the Combi, cross-border wagon, it should be like this. But I know maybe some friends may like Combi that chassis lower design, but taking into account China is not really good road conditions, this cross-border car actually more practical.

Compared with the sedan version, the stationed car is part of the extension in the rear, so we see, Scout has a small size of the window, which is the ordinary hatchback and sedan no Enterprises and the huge load space.

The luggage rack is indispensable to a station wagon, even if you rarely use it, but without it, it is definitely a low level. So, if in the future you buy the car, luggage rack is absolutely necessary to choose.

This domestic Scout tail follows the overseas version of the design, simple lines, all angles are very pleasing to the eye. From this point of view can also find the car’s “ass” is very long, the benefits mentioned in front, the shortcomings are obvious, bad parking.

Look at the details, C-type taillights no special, the power tag “TSI 280”, which means that the car is equipped with a 1.4T engine. Now the import version of the four-wheel drive logo did not appear in this car, so we know that this is not a four-wheel drive. Well, we had the hope of this domestic station wagon has been shattered by more than half, people are very like the import Octavia travel, a part of the reason is: 1.8T + four-wheel drive.

Is there a separate suspension? We liked the import of Octavia travel because of the post-independence suspension. Unfortunately, as you can see, the domestic rear suspension into a torsion beam. We do not want to see it, SAIC Volkswagen Skoda in a number of important configuration have done a reduction, and happens, these are the car consumers who are very looking forward to.

In the interior. Modeling design is no different between domestic version and overseas version, workmanship, with SAIC Volkswagen Skoda has a high standard.

Dashboard of the outer ring is white, looks retro, the number of heads are very large, black with white, very easy to identify.

Chin control of the central control system seems didn’t use the latest volkswagen system, the touch sensitivity is also good. In the future of the official listing weather the car will be changed to the volkswagen, is still unknown.

The domestic configuration is still very good, panoramic sunroof is Keep it, including electric tailgate, tire pressure monitoring, the main drive electric adjustment etc. but the wireless charging function whether it will appear or not is still unknow.

There are two USB ports in the back, this design is very good, the rear passengers do not fight for the USB ports.

This car doen’t have a rear seat channel, many of wagons have, if put a slightly longer items temporary, can’t put down the seat, not particularly practical.

The attractive place of domestic Scout is trunk. Such a large loading space is appropriate for those who like to travel, because the length is appropriate and relatively regular, so usually large items can be installed.

Shade curtain is a good thing, but when loading large pieces of unloading I do not know where to put it, my solution of my trip car is set off the floor, take out the left and right sides of the baffle, cover curtains can Put on the top of the spare tire, the trick is that the floor can also be reset, do not affect the load. But this domestic Scout its floor design is very deep, open it is the spare tire, there is no place to set the shelter curtain space, so it only can be removed on the floor.

The car equipped with a 1.4T engine, the data, the maximum power of 150 horsepower / 5000rpm, the maximum torque of 250 Nm / 1750-3000rpm. According to the previous news, there will be 1.6L engine optional, power parameters may also be consistent with the seductive.

1.4T engine with a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, a sports mode and manual shift function.

Well, this domestic Scout brief introduction, follow-up will be more details release, I will further added.